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Spleene Door 59


The original Door from the inventor

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description


Perfect Freeride Board

The Door is the best Freeride Board you can get. It works best in low wind, but also in gusty conditions. You can ride it without any effort and feel home from the first moment.


Huge Windrange

The Door has a huge wind range it works really great even in very low winds. These low winds are its excellence. It starts at a breeze and has always that kind of control you are searching for.


Upwind Performance

There is hardly any other twintip board on the market that has such an upwind performance like the Door without asking any effort from its rider. The flat scoop-line supporting that.


No Spray

It took us lots of prototypes to get this shape riding without any spray. Only Spleene has managed it to make this shape riding without any spray. The rails of Door in combination with the concave outline is the secret.


Extreme Low-wind Performance

No other twintip board provides so much fun and performance at ultra light winds. The combination of the flat scoop, the big surface and the concave outline makes kiteboarding possible, where others just hope for more wind.



If you search for a kiteboard with the best possible comfort even in very choppy conditions then the Door is the best board you can get. The flex and the shape are designed for this task.

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