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Kiteaid Day Saver Kit



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Description du Produit

he ultimate buzz insurance for any traveler.
Build a repair kit that includes exactly what you want.
Save money on every product by building a kit.

Bladder & Valve18” x 3” Bladder patch + 10g of Valve glue
Fix any damage to your bladder with our technically advanced products.

Clear Sail Tape5’ x 3” Clear Sail Tape
Repair your kite sail anywhere without needing anything else.

Leading Edge & Strut30” x 3” Dacron patch
Repair your LE or Strut on the INSIDE with this heat activate patch.

Sail Repair5’ x 3” Ripstop patch
Repair your sail with our unique heat activate patch.

Compact Repair IronAvailable in both 110V and 220V

Base Kit Includes
Easy-to-carry zippered travel case, Stickers, Scissors, Permanent marker, Alcohol swabs, Instructions


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